Center Diamonds by Shape

If you’ve imagined your dream ring, you probably have an idea of what shape you’d like in your Engagement Ring. A diamond’s shape refers to the silhouette of the stone, not the cut or the arrangement of facets. Read on for a guide to some of the most popular diamond shapes!



Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Diamonds are the most iconic and popular choice for Engagement Rings for a reason! The cut of this stone creates angles that create the most fire and brilliance! If you’re looking for a timeless stone shape, this is the one!


Square or Princess Cut 

Princess Cut Diamonds are also very popular, and it helps that they create the illusion of a larger diamond with their shape! Try to find a stone with parallel sides, and be sure to get a setting that protects the corners of the stone!



Cushion Cut 

Becoming more popular recently, this “pillow-shape” diamond is perfect for a more vintage look! Cushion shape diamonds have rounded corners and large facets. When shopping for a Cushion Cut be sure to get a setting that supports the stone and corners.




 Oval Cut 

Oval Cut Diamonds are making a comeback, and have a similar fire and brilliance to the Round Cut Diamond! This stone has a long history dating back to at least the 14th century! This is a perfect cut to elongate the hand, and creates a slimming effect to the fingers.




Radiant Cut 

The Radiant Cut is a non-traditional cut for Engagement Rings, first becoming popular in the 1980’s. The cropped-corner shape of a Radiant is a perfect blend between a Princess and Cushion cut stone, and has the same brilliance as a Princess Cut.



Pear Cut

The Pear Shape diamond blends together the best aspects of the Round and Marquise diamonds into this “teardrop” shaped stone. The Pear Cut is still a unique choice for a center stone, but look for symmetry when shopping! Wear the point of the stone facing your fingertips for a slimming effect!



Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut is a rectangular cut with clean lines, named after the cut most commonly used for Emerald Gemstones. This shape emphasizes the clarity of the stone, so any inclusions will be very obvious. This classic shape is perfect for vintage designs!



Marquise Cut 

The Marquise Cut was named after the Mistress of King Louis the XV, for they thought the shape resembled her mouth. This diamond shape creates the illusion that the stone is greater in size, making it perfect for a center stone! Be sure your Marquise is symmetrical, for any imperfection can make it look off balanced.



Asscher Cut 

The Asscher Cut Diamond evokes feelings of the roaring 20’s with its Art Deco style. The Asscher Cut is the perfect square-shape alternative to the Emerald Cut. Inclusions will be very visible in this shape, so be sure to go for quality over color!



Trillion Cut 

Most commonly used as a side stone, the Trillion or Triangle Cut is a truly unique choice for a center stone! This shape is cut in the brilliant style for maximum sparkle and fire. Inclusions are obvious in this shape, so go for clarity over color.



Heart Cut 

This romantic and feminine diamond shape is not as common as you’d think! Heart shape diamonds should be symmetrical with a distinct cleft in the middle, two rounded lobes, and a pointed bottom. This is the perfect shape for a true romantic!





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