Giraux & His Wife

-Giraux Sarkissian and his wife Sue on their wedding day.

Giraux Sarkissian started his career as an apprentice jeweler for Scottish Jewelers of Zimbabwe, and was entrusted with working on some of the iconic Crown Jewels.

In the early 70’s Giraux, his bride Sue, and their two small children relocated to San Francisco from South Africa. In 1977 they started Giraux Fine Jewelry, where their goal was to bring the highest quality loose diamonds and handcrafted jewelry to the wholesale market.

When the GiftCenter & JewelryMart opened in the historic 888 Brannan building, the Sarkissians seized the opportunity to relocate their shop.

The Giraux showroom has seen many changes, redesigns, and ebbs and flows of the diamond market. The two eldest Sarkissian children have since taken over the business, and are equally as passionate about the legacy their parents have built.


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